Oliver Camponovo

Financial Consultant & Investor

International experience as a financial consultant & investor
with a distinct appreciation of impact investment & block chain security

Oliver Camponovo

Financial advisor & investor

Oliver Camponovo works in the role of financial analyst, which takes into consideration a global vision on various financial topics, including investments and consultancy. This is a new professional figure, which is regulated by the European MIFID directive implemented in Italy in November 2007.

Camponovo uses his vast international experience bringing together a group of diverse and global experts. As an investors, there are long-term objectives which explains his deep interest in impact investing and blockchain application.

Changing the world for the better is an important consideration of the economic decisions that Oliver and his team pursue. In the long run, he believes that every investment is an “impact investment”.

Oliver Camponovo :: Finanze & Investimenti

Oliver Camponovo believes that, in the long run, every investment can be considered¬† an “impact investment”.